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100 programming languages in... more than 100 days

In March, I set a lofty goal to solve 100 Project Euler problems using 100 different programming languages, all within 100 days. Slightly over 100 days later, I'll admit that I only made it slightly beyond 50, although that's not too bad considering that I quietly set this project aside a few weeks ago.

I'm not abandoning this effort, but I am definitely taking a break from it. And I'm not setting it aside because it isn't fun (though I do wonder if it's a good use of my time). At the moment, I just have more important and interesting things to attend to.


For the record, I'd like to state that, so far, I'm most proud of the following solutions:

And a few stragglers

With all that said, there are a couple of languages I haven't yet mentioned on here:



That's all

That was a short update, but it feels good to tie up those loose ends.