Development log of a life-long coder

100 programming languages, day 1

I'm trying to write code in 100 different programming languages. Note: I'm not necessarily planning on blogging about each programming language, but I will try to collect (and share) notes about my experiences, likely in batches.

SIC-1 Assembly Language

In order to ensure progress doesn't fizzle out immediately, I'm starting with a programming language I know well: SIC-1 Assembly Language. I'm familiar with this language because I designed both it and the (fictional) 8-bit SIC-1 computer it runs on myself (for a game titled, fittingly, SIC-1). SIC-1 Assembly Language is basically my take on a usable (though somewhat un-ergonomic) subleq assembly language.

I'm mildly familiar with assembly languages, and have written assembly code for MIPS and ATmega (non-professionally), but most code I write is not performance-sensitive, so I prefer to use more expressive languages, despite any potential overhead.


Overall, subleq is interesting theoretically (but not practically), and, while the tight constraints of the SIC-1 give me an appreciation for assembly language hacks of yore, I'd never want to use subleq for anything substantial (though I've heard it's been done!).