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Running SectorLisp on Hyper-V

SectorLisp is a minimal implementation of Lisp that miraculously fits in a boot sector. I am in no way involved with the project.

Here's a link to a zip file containing a SectorLisp VFD that works in Hyper-V.

Update: ... and I just noticed that there's a SectorLisp v2 page which contains an in-browser REPL. I should just use that instead.


The SectorLisp home page provides a link to a (raw) image, but it wasn't obvious how to load the image into Hyper-V. Rather than run and download random tools from the web, I decided to use a Linux VM (and the "dd" tool) running in Hyper-V to write the SectorLisp image to a virtual floppy disk image (VFD).

Now, I can just "insert" the SectorLisp VFD into a (generation 1, I assume) Hyper-V VM and it can boot into the SectorLisp prompt. Note that you must use CAPITAL LETTERS for SectorLisp, and it will happily ignore errors. Also, the backspace key doesn't seem to work properly, so... don't make any mistakes while typing.

That's all. I just wanted to share the VFD in case anyone else might want it. And, yes, I'm attempting to use SectorLisp in my 100 programming languages challenge.