Development log of a life-long coder

My ideal static site generator

In the interest of documenting some of my programming misadventures, I'm creating a developer blog. But first, I need a static site generator.


I'm creating a developer blog for a couple of reasons:

Now, why do I need a static site generator? Two simple reasons:

The ideal setup


Ideally, I'd like to organize content as follows:

My directory structure is going to look like this:

Blog posts will use YAML front matter (draft and keywords are optional, but date is not since Git doesn't preserve file system dates):

title: Title of blog post
description: Plain text description of the post (for HTML header, blurbs, etc.)
keywords: [search,keywords]
date: Publish date
draft: true

Note: I'd like to be able to automatically insert keywords into every post within a given topic.


The output should be as simple as possible:


I'll store the content in a Git repository on GitHub for archival purposes.

The pages will be served using GitHub Pages (because it's fast and free, at least for my purposes).