Development log of a life-long coder

Frameworks for porting web apps to the desktop

I have a browser-based application that I'd like to transform into a "normal" desktop application.


My situation is fairly unique, but here's my motivation:

Some more typical reasons for porting from web to desktop might be:

Why not?

Some downsides:


My research turned up the following relevant frameworks:

And here is my uneducated, subjective comparison (all of these frameworks currently support Windows, Linux, and macOS, with Tauri planning to eventually support iOS and Android):

Framework Engine Maturity License Examples
Electron Chromium Stable Many (via Chromium) VS Code, Slack, Discord
NW.js Chromium ? Many (via Chromium) ?
Tauri Chromium (Windows)
WebKit (Linux/macOS)
In development Apache ?
Neutralinojs ? In development Many ?

Note that I'm ignoring native code interop because it's not relevant to me, but I believe NW.js uses Node and Tauri uses Rust.

My plan

For my purposes:

Based on that last requirement, Tauri (or maybe Neutralinojs) seemed like the best match, but I had concerns about reliability:

Taken as a whole (and given that WebView2 is relatively new), unless I have some way to ensure the WebView2 runtime will be present, I will likely end up using Electron, despite my reservations around download size and efficiency. At least in my case, there are some mitigating factors:

This isn't the answer I had hoped for, but I'm trying to be pragmatic. Hopefully in the future WebView2 will be installed by default and I can switch to something more lightweight like Tauri.